Tending a garden can be a lot of work, from tilling the ground and planting the seeds, to pulling out the weeds. Not to mention keeping bugs and other small animals from eating your plants. All the tasks involved with growing your own fruits and vegetables can seem unending. But gardeners keep pressing on because they know their labor will be worth it when they get to sit down and enjoy the fruit of their hard work.

Being a mother is similar to tending a garden. We are here to help our children grow. It is our responsibility to protect them and nourish them. Satan is always looking for ways to trap and snare your kids and your family. Weeds will try to grow up, and pests will come in and start to attack. 

We must stay vigilant to keep things out of our family that shouldn’t be there, whether it be something that comes in through the TV or music, or maybe bad habits or friends that aren’t the best influence. We have to stand guard and protect our children from things that will harm them and keep them from growing physically and spiritually into the person God has designed them to be.

I know some seasons are more exhausting than others but don’t stop tending to your garden. Every weed that goes unplucked brings more weeds. Keep pressing on, and don’t give up no matter how hard it may seem. Do your best to help your children grow up to be the person God wants them to be. 

Being a mother and tending to your garden can be hard but also so rewarding. Faithfully fertilize your kids in God’s Word through Bible reading and church attendance. Years down the road when you see the fruits of your labors, it will be worth it! Keep tending and be diligent in the garden that God has blessed you with and never give up!

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