On this journey of motherhood, we go through a variety of seasons. Motherhood is different for everyone. Mother’s day can be a hard day during certain seasons.

Maybe you are just starting on this journey and waiting for the gift of your first child. You might be the mom that experienced the joy of that positive test but then found out that you had another miscarriage.

Perhaps you recently gave birth and are struggling with a lack of sleep. Maybe you are the mom that is trying to juggle working from home, homeschooling your kids, and trying to keep up with the housework and meals.

You might be the mom that is trying to adapt to the empty nest and long to see your kids more. Or maybe you are the mom who has had to say goodbye to a child way too early and don’t understand why.

Some seasons of motherhood are more enjoyable than others. There are times we can’t even begin to fathom why God has allowed us to go through the hard seasons.

Don’t give up, momma! Keep leaning on God and let Him carry you through every season of motherhood. This weekend, sit back and remember all the good times and blessings you have experienced on this journey.

This mother’s day, thank God for allowing you the opportunity to experience the joys of motherhood, even if but for a moment. It is the love you have and the little moments you can share that love, that makes the journey of motherhood worth it!

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there!

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