Throughout our lives, we go through different seasons. We go through times of joy, heartache, sickness, health, happiness, frustration, fear, love, peace, war, laughter and tears. Our seasons of life are constantly changing. Sometimes it might feel like the pain in a season will never end, and we wonder why God is allowing us to go through it.

    Even though we often can’t see it, God is working behind the scenes of our story to make it beautiful in His time. Far too often, when we go through a hard time or lose a loved one, we tend to get bitter and question why God let it happen. Instead of leaning on God and letting Him carry us through those hard seasons, we tend to dwell in them and get stuck in that season longer than God intended. Whether we are going through a hard, painful season or a joyous, happy season, we must lean on God through it all.

  If we are not drawing closer to God daily, we are drifting further away. We must be consistent in our daily devotions, spending time in prayer and bible reading, so we are always close enough to lean on Him through both the good and the bad. When we lean on him in the good seasons, it makes it easier to lean on Him in the tough seasons of life.

   Each season of life is just that, a season. Some seasons are more enjoyable than others, but each season has a purpose. Don’t try to rush or linger in a season; let God guide you through and trust in His will and plans for each season. When you are going through the good seasons, enjoy them, and when you are going through the hard seasons, remember it’s a season that will pass, and joy will come in the morning.

Lean on the One who has control of each season and trust that He has a reason for every season we go through in life. Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

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