There is nothing quite like the joy that floods over a new mom when she holds her baby for the first time! After months of feeling those kicks and hiccups, you finally get to see that little miracle face to face. 

You have probably spent hours decorating the nursery and folding all those little clothes. You did everything you could do to be ready for the arrival of your baby. But one thing most new moms can’t prepare for is the lack of sleep that comes along with a newborn.

Now maybe you are one of the few lucky ones that had a baby that loves to sleep. But for most, a new baby brings many sleepless nights for new mommas.

Here are just a few tips I have learned over the years with my babies that will help you deal with sleep deprivation and better enjoy this newborn season.

  1. Sleep when your baby is sleeping. 

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. I had so many ladies pass this advice on to me when I had my first. This is one piece of advice I wish I had followed more. I felt so guilty about taking naps throughout the day. There seemed like I had so much that I needed to be doing instead of sleeping.

One thing I have learned is that I can accomplish so much more when I am refreshed and rested than I can when I am tired. If you take advantage of those naps in the newborn stage, it will help you in the stages that follow. Don’t feel guilty sleeping when the baby does. Resting does not make you lazy. It is just a season, and honestly, one of the most exhausting seasons, especially if you don’t have a great sleeper.

  1. Take a few moments for yourself.

From making and carrying a baby the last nine months, to delivery and recovery, your body has been through a lot. It is easy to get discouraged about the way your body looks and feels. Being exhausted does not help you feel any better, and makes it hard even to think clearly.

If you can take a few minutes out of the day for yourself, it will help you recharge emotionally. Spend quiet time with God, reading, and praying. Take a long hot shower or bath. Get dressed and do your hair and makeup. Do a few minutes of yoga or exercise or go on a walk. Taking time to focus on you is not selfish; it is essential in making it through as a new mom.

  1.  Enjoy those baby snuggles.

I know, at two a.m. it’s hard to always think about how sweet those baby snuggles are. One thing you have to remind yourself is, this is just a season. It’s tiring and exhausting, but it’s not forever. 

One day, your baby will no longer want you to rock them. They will go off to school, and then college and one day, probably have a family of their own. Soak up those baby snuggles while you can. Even though at the moment, you are sleep deprived and exhausted, you can make lasting memories rocking that new baby.

Doing these three things will help give you the strength you need, both physically and emotionally, to keep pressing on in the newborn stage. Your love and devotion to that baby that God has given you will make a lasting impression on them down the road. So the next time a baby’s cry wakes you up, take a deep breath, cuddle that baby close and enjoy this season of motherhood.

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